Maze Team official press release. November 1 2020

The Project is closed.

Maze Team Project is announcing it is officially closed.
All the links to out project, using of our brand, our work methods should be considered to be a scam.

We never had partners or official successors. Our specialists do not works with any other software. Nobody and never will be able to host new partners at our news website. The Maze cartel was never exists and is not existing now. It can be found only inside the heads of the journalists who wrote about it.

Attention to everyone who wants for its private information to be deleted from our news website. You can contact to Maze support chat. Support will be continued for a month after the press release.

There were a lot of rumors, lies and speculations around our project. So we decided to answer the questions “why” and “what for”.

WHY? Our world is sinking in the recklessness and indifference, in laziness and stupidity. If you are taking the responsibility for other people money and personal data then try to keep it secure. Until you do that there will be more projects like Maze to remind you about secure data storage.

How come that you don’t understand that right now a hacker attack is enough for a large area or a country to lose the access to internet, water, gas and electricity. As an instance we had the access to state life support systems of New Yorks and to major internet providers. A good attack was able to cut the access to internet for 35 states. We didn’t attack those objects but their security is still disgusting. Think about it. It’s not the private case but the security of the whole country and its citizens. One day whose open doors will be passed not by Maze but by some radical psychos whose goals will not just to show you the weakness of security but to make a major damage.

What for? Our world is turning into digital detention camp. Ten or fifteen years and nobody will be able to step aside the system without the fear to lose its social status. Without that social status you won’t be able to make purchases or get the social benefits. The first sign was the bitcoin. The digital currency existing only inside the digital world. After some time it will allow its owners to rule the world and to crash the economy of other countries as the gold and currency reserves are not converting into bitcoin. More and more people will work online to be paid with digital currencies. And all the job will be online.

Crypto currencies are going higher and higher and after some time the price will reach a million dollars for a single coin. When all the coins will be dumped by its owners to buy real money. So all the bitcoins will be concentrated by a few people so they will be able to transform the world to a digital platform by ruining it.

With all your recklessness, unawareness and stupidity you are pushing the the world into it. You are slowly turning into a controllable flock. You would not even notice when you will be tagged with chips or your DNA will be the only was to access the new digital world. As it will be the only place you can leave in, to get paid and consume.

All your technologies are a symbol of your helplessness. Once going to wheelchair a man will not be able to walk again. And once trusting your mind to a technology you won’t be able to recover your consciousness. By delegation the part of your conscious activity to machines you won’t be able to watch at the reality with the clear eye.

You are calling the ones who are killing your mind as your friends and support. And you also calling the ones who are showing you your weakness as the foes and mobsters. The modern world is confusing the cause and the effect, the good and the evil.

Think about it. Try to prevent it. You think that the modern world is a hell. But it’s just coming and you are doing much for it.

We will be back to you when the world will be transformed. We will return to show you again the errors and mistakes and to get you out of the Maze.

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